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Registered Nurse


​Nurse Care Planning:

  1. Inform and establish liaison with all other health care team members.

  2. Obtain a nursing history and complete nursing assessment form within the first 30 days of admission to unit.

  3. Participate in completion of the Comprehensive Patient Assessment with other members of the multi-disciplinary team and the patient.

  4. Continually assess patient care needs and modify nursing care plan accordingly and communicate plan to health care team members who are involved with the patients care.

  5. Assume the duties and responsibilities of Charge Nurse as required in his or her absence.

  6.  Include patients and their families in all aspects of planning and teaching.

  7. Inform and establish therapeutic relationship with patients.


 Patient Care Management and Responsibilities:

  1. Assume daily care on patients

  2. Supervise and delegate care of patients

  3. Frequent rounds with primary Physician and or Nurse Practitioner

  4. Cannulate, initiate and terminate dialysis treatments

  5. Monitor all daily log sheets

  6. Check on all medical orders

  7. Monthly update of patient home medication lists

  8. Keep nursing care plan up to date

  9. Establish short and long term goals for patients

  10. Medical Record

    1. Be familiar with all aspects of patient record

    2. Be familiar with all laboratory data

    3. Obtain a nursing history for all primary patients

    4. Complete monthly nursing notes/summary on assigned patients

  11. Assist patient in making clinic appointments as needed.

  12. Participate in assigned CQI projects

  13. Perform Acute Hemodialysis treatments at assigned hospitals as needed.

  14. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned


Participate in Unit Meetings as required:

  1. Staff Meetings and In-services

  2. QA, CQI Meetings

  3. Patient Care Conferences


  • Current California license to practice as a registered professional nurse

  • Current CPR

  • Supervisory experience preferred

  • Dialysis experience desirable

  • Knowledge and understanding of Nurse Practice Act

  • Ability to write and direct staff in the use of standards of nursing care.

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