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SNF Dialysis Caregiver


  • Assess the patient as to appearance, weight, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and general well being.  Report any abnormal findings to the Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Physician, to include the following:  Elevated temperature, weight of over 4kg, weight loss, systolic blood pressure over 200, diastolic blood pressure under 100, pulse over 100 or under 60, or any findings of a patient to have bleeding, chest pain, redness, tenderness or swelling of access, any findings of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, infection, falls, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and shortness of breath.

  • Draws blood work that is ordered when necessary from arterial or venous blood line.

  • Initiates dialysis treatment following the standing orders for each individual patient.

  • Calculates ultra filtration pressure required to obtain desire patient fluid loss based on ordered dry weight.  Confers with Registered Nurse regarding normal saline replacement.

  • Monitors patient’s condition during treatment.  Records blood pressures, pulse, and subjective finding on data flow sheet and/or computer.  Confer with RN and physician regarding patient care.

  • Maintains a clean, comfortable, safe environment for the patient.

  • Administers 150cc normal saline if patient’s blood pressure drops or patient becomes symptomatic.  No more than 500cc normal saline.  Confers with RN and/or physician.

  • Keeps dialysis equipment under constant observation during treatment and evaluates that equipment is operating properly.  Reports all equipment malfunctions to machine technicians.

  • Terminates patient’s treatments as per procedure, administering normal saline on rinse back.

  • Removes patient needles, assures proper clotting of access and bandages access according to proper technique.

  • Able to access hemodialysis catheters, fistulas and grafts. 

  • Catheter dressing changes with aseptic technique.  Proper connect and disconnect of catheters

  • Evaluates patient’s condition, using vital signs, fluid status, access appearance and general condition.

  • Recording flow sheet data onto the patient data sheet and filing the flow sheet in patient chart.

  • Acknowledges patient request and patient feelings, shows respect for the patient and family.

  • Adheres to and enforces all policy and procedures as they pertain to Infection Control and Safety.


  • Demonstrates ability and competence as a Dialysis Caregiver.  Completed NxStage course with NxStage Certificate of Completion

  • Current CPR certifications

  • Demonstrates understanding of Hemodialysis, theory, methods and care of dialysis patients.

  • Successfully passes Certification Course.

  • Must possess a high school diploma

  • Preferably has experience in healthcare related field or educated in a health related field.

  • Has received training as a Dialysis Caregiver and is certified by completing NxStage course

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