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Acute Dialysis Nurse


  1. The acute nurse is responsible for acquiring and maintaining their own clearance at all Desert Cities Dialysis (DCD) contracted hospitals, including BLS and RN license, and Assaultive Behavior and Harassment Training when offered through DCD.

  2. The acute nurse is responsible for the acute hospital dialysis treatments. Patients are to be dialyzed in order of importance (i.e.: ICU, ER then floor) or as otherwise instructed by MD’s and/or coordinator.

  3. Maintain communication with Nephrologist on call regarding critical problems encountered while dialyzing patients. Must report to the DCD Nephrologist at the start AND completion of each DCD patient dialyzed in the acute setting, via secure texting app with patient information, including but not limited to; Name, hospital, any pertinent patient information and updates as requested per Nephrologist.

  4. Maintain current and accurate information on all acute hemodialysis treatments performed. Acute nurse must document in post treatment hospital assessment form (Acumen) for each DCD patient dialyzed in the acute setting.

  5. Take on call responsibilities when assigned.

  6. Respond to acute calls within 4 hours as required by contracts with the hospitals. Follow protocols at all DCD contracted hospitals

  7. Respond to hospital requests pertaining to Peritoneal dialysis.

  8. Remain with the patient at all times during hemodialysis.

  9. Maintain dialysis equipment as per protocol of the operator's manual.

  10. Conduct the entities of acute dialysis (i.e. Charting, administration of medications, administration of blood/blood products, laboratory services, CPR) per hospital policy and procedure.

  11. Perform treatments the entire time as prescribed by the Nephrologist. Must report discharges of acute nurse’s assigned cases to the coordinator as soon as possible.

  12. Only perform one dialysis treatment at a time.

  13. Acute dialysis nurse must respond to all alarms immediately and not ask hospital employees to monitor or silence the dialysis machine alarms.

  14. Acute dialysis nurse is required to move Fresenius Dialysis machine and Reverse Osmosis unit to assigned area's in the hospital setting in order to perform hemodialysis treatments.

  15. Must turn in all charge slips and running treatment sheets to DCD within 48 hours of completion of treatment.

  16. Must be able to push, pull and lift up to 50 lbs.

  17. Payroll must be submitted by the 1st Monday of each new pay period by 0900.

  18. All RN’s are expected to utilize Universal Precautions and Aseptic Technique.


  1. The acute nurse is required to dialyze 3 patients in 3 scheduled shifts weekly, unless a schedule change is approved in advanced by Management. Blood must pass dialyzer in order to be considered 1 case.

  2. Shifts are from 0800-2100 (or until 3rd case is complete). The acute nurse may start prior to 0800 but will be placed on standby until 1730 if a 3rd case was not initiated/ dialyzed/ assigned.1730 is cut off time for add-ons on a scheduled shift.

  3. If the RN must start later than 0800, approval must be obtained the night prior, add on time will be adjusted on an individual basis.

  4. In times of low census, acute nurse may be placed on standby until 1200 with availability to be assigned 2 patients or until 1500 with the availability to be assigned 1 patient. During scheduled standby, acute nurse may be sent to clinic to help correct issues with cannulation or for learning purposes, on a per needed basis. The acute nurse may be required to clean/ disinfect machines in the acute setting. The acute nurse may also be placed on department projects or used as a float RN in the acute/ clinic setting.

  5. Acute nurses may be assigned for 3 patients at 3 hospitals in one scheduled shift.

  6. The acute nurse is expected to cover 4-6 PM calls (2100-0300) shifts per month on a rotating basis.

  7. Schedule requests are to be submitted to department supervisor by the 20th of each of each month for the following month. All requests will be considered however, RN’s will be scheduled monthly based on department needs.

  8. If a RN has limited availability due to outside commitments, such as education, the RN must submit their needed schedule prior to the start of the semester. Scheduling will be considered on a per RN basis based on patient care needs.

  9. Call offs are to be reported to the supervisor at the earliest convenience or by 2359 the day prior to the scheduled shift. Any call offs for two consecutive shifts require a doctor’s note to return to patient care. PTO will be used , if available. If no PTO is available the acute nurse must make up the scheduled shift at the discretion of the supervisor, based on department needs.

  10. Participate in Unit Meetings as required

    1. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Management and/or Supervisor

    2. Must adhere to all Policies and Procedures as well as in accordance with the Employee Handbook, given to each employee at time of hire.


  • A graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

  • Currently licensed to practice as a professional nurse in California.

  • A minimum of 3 months dialysis experience.

  • Previous experience in Critical care experience nursing and/or prior experience in acute dialysis is helpful.

  • Current certification in BLS and/or ACLS.

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